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Sadiq Poultry (Private) Limited

Products conforming to global standards

SB Poultry came into existence around 4 decades ago, as a small family concern of Dr. Muhammad Sadiq which is laterally merged in Sadiq Group in 2004 and Sadiq Poultry (Private) Limited is also incorporated as part of Sadiq Group in 2004 with Trade Mark of SB.

Over the years it has made phenomenal growth to become one of the leading Poultry Industry in Pakistan and evolved into a historic driven set up involving 6000 families directly and around 300,000, indirectly.



Dr. Muhammad Sadiq (1950-2020)


Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

We Provide High-Quality Organic Products

The breeder flocks are vaccinated against all prevailing poultry diseases thus the eggs produced are free from Mycoplasma and Salmonella.

Farms are managed most efficiently by highly trained and experienced staff and monitored with well-equipped Lab. Best equipment with best practices help to achieve highest standard of immunity, maximum livability and in return high levels of performance. All eggs produced on these farms are transported in Company’s environment controlled vehicles to its hatcheries located in different parts of the country, for incubation.



We have launched a healthy campaign to combat protein deficiency



SB Broiler day old chicks are obtained from the eggs laid by the healthy and different breeds

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