Sadiq Group

Pindi Food Fest, November 2022

Sadiq Group aims at seizing any opportunity to educate the society about extraordinary
nutritional advantages of eggs in the most ingenious ways. Leading poultry business for more
than 4 decades, SB Group understands their responsibility to disseminate the significance of eggs
consumption at every given platform, navigating creative activities for the awareness. SB Group
passionately participated in Pindi Food Fest, 2022. It only provided them with the golden
opportunity to flaunt the topnotch quality and freshness of their eggs, but the culinary creativity
displayed on SB Group stalls also captivated a sizeable crowd lauding for their taste and quality.
The live cooking demonstrated at the SB Group booths bagged immense appreciation on the
versatility of egg-based delicacies including a meticulous range of snacks, appetizers, desserts,
and unique savory delights for the energetic gourmandizing crowd. SB Group diligently utilized
this platform to showcase their unparalleled taste and quality prowess as well. They were able to
educate the attendees about the profound benefits and nutritious richness that are protein king-
SB Eggs offer. Audience also appreciated this creative way of enlightening about the dietary
essentials. SB Group proudly participated in this wonderful amalgamation of gourmet delights
and informative stage. Director SB Group appreciated the chefs for their culinary skills and the
whole team for carrying out the festival admirably. Our active engagement in activities like this
is a testament of our poultry prowess and commitment to our core values.